The use of facial oils has become quite the trend in recent years, although it has roots dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Only since the Middle Ages has the world drifted from oils to creams, and it’s no surprise that consumers are finding their way back to oils. They are more beneficial to skin health and do not contain harmful petroleum derivatives or other toxic chemicals.

Face oils have a long history of providing skin with the nutrition and support it needs to stay hydrated, smooth and clear. The essential oils used in our facial oil blends are selected for their particular and unique function. We offer three different facial oils to suit the needs of different skin types.

Control Me! is designed for oily, blemished skin. It features tea tree and eucalyptus oil, which are known to help fend off acne and serve as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This blend also contains other key ingredients that make this facial oil perfect for those who struggle with breakouts and oily skin.

Soothe Me! is specially formulated for sensitive skin. The essential oils blended in this face oil calm redness and inflammation, and balance skin moisture. It leaves skin with a more even appearance and less irritation.

Hydrate Me! is a wonderfully hydrating oil blend that nourishes flaky, dry skin. It features Geranium oil, known to nourish dry skin, and Ylang Ylang oil, which helps regulate the production of sebum. Combined with the other oils in this blend, Hydrate Me! provides excellent hydration and balance for dry skin.

All of our facial oil blends contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Our products only contain the highest quality organic oils and other ingredients. The safety and purity of our products is very important to us. We pride ourselves on never including petrochemicals, mineral oils or other damaging ingredients.

We suggest applying our facial oils at night. This gives your skin plenty of time to fully absorb the powerful ingredients. You will wake in the morning with noticeable changes in your skin. Our face oils can also be applied in the morning, either on its own or before applying one of our organic Facial Butters & Moisturisers.