With the rise in popularity of beards, the marketplace has accumulated a number of products designed specifically for them. Among them are beard oils. But are beard oils really necessary? Are they really any different from hair products? Absolutely!

You take care of the hair on your scalp. You wash it, condition it so that it’s soft, and apply styling products. Should you not also care for your beard? Having facial hair makes your skin very dry and itchy. Beard oils moisturise facial hair and the skin beneath, softening and taming the beard hair. Keeping the skin moist reduces flaking. A quality beard oil will keep your beard looking well-groomed. The hair will be smoother and easier to manage. Beard oil and a comb are the difference between a frizzy mess and a smooth, tame beard.

Applying beard oil is very simple. Take three to five drops of the oil in your palms and begin working it into your dry beard hair, massaging from root to tip. Evenly distribute the oil throughout your beard using a natural bristle brush. Oil only needs to be applied once daily. For extra sheen, you can apply a few more drops after brushing.

As with anything that’s applied to the skin, it should be organic and free of chemicals.

The products applied to your skin are absorbed and circulate in your body. Toxic ingredients can be damaging to your health and skin. Three Organics offers three types of beard oil designed to suit your needs. Each product is uniquely formulated and contains only 100% organic, completely safe ingredients. Whether you’re looking for nourishment for your otherwise healthy beard, needing to tame your frizz, or repair damage, we’ve got you covered. See our full line of products for details!