Some time ago, it was somewhat uncool and even seen as improper for men to be spending time and money on skincare products. Looking after beards was more of a ‘grow it and leave it’ method. The modern groomed man is, however, a different breed.

There’s a growing list of mens skin and hair/beard care products available but, as with so many personal care products, the dizzying array of what is available makes it very difficult to decide what the right choice might be. Most will opt for popular brands as ‘safe’ choices. Do some research and you may be surprised to see what you find in most cosmetics.
For me, what goes on the face and hair has to be the safest and most natural ingredients out there. And I will always insist on organic. Not beacuse its a fad or today’s buzz word, but because I really do believe that chemicals and petroleum by-products are damaging to our skin and general health.
Men need the same ‘cleanse-tone-moisturise’ routine incorporated  into their daily lives just like women. A good skincare routine takes no more than 5 minutes at best. To ensure the best out of your daily routine, there are some inescapable facts you should know about your skin:
Dry skin.
For skin that is flaky, with a tight sensation and an uneven texture. You may feel discomfort moving your facial muscles and also see signs of chapping around the lips. If you use the wrong kind of product, redness can also be apparent.
Oily skin.
An over-all shine appears on the skin and predominantly in the T-zone area (forehead and down the bridge of the nose). This is due to an over production of sebum and skin is prone to spots and breakouts.
Combination & senstive skin.
A mix of dry and oily. Most people will find their T-zone to be oilier and their cheeks a little dry.  For sensitive skin, you may find redness and irritation to some parts of the skin, primarily around the cheeks chin area.
Choosing the right product.
Firstly, It is important to understand that spending money on the most expensive products isn’t the way to look after your skin and hair. If you understand your skin type, now you can begin to see which organic natural products may best suit you.
I would recommend staying away from chemical nasties for your face and hair/beards. Use trusted brands like Three Organics.
For dry skin, try Rich with Avocado or the Nourishing Facial Oil to keep skin supple and well hydrated throughout the day. It has a minimal number of pure organic ingredients with added vitamin E. Safe and effective.
For oily skin, a facial butter containing balancing organic tea tree essential oil to help unclog pores to help keep breakouts at bay. We recommend our Smooth Butter with Tea Tree. A great alternative is our highly regarded Control Me! Facial Oil.
For combination & sensitive skin, the ‘Original Smooth Butter‘ with calming and soothing ingredients would be a great option.
A clear and regular skincare routine will certainly start you off on the right path.