Our Original Rescue Salve is certainly rescuing those in need! In need of what? Our Rescue Salve contains pure organic ingredients only, with added vitamin E. With no synthesised chemicals or petroleum waxes and oils to clog up and suffocate your already troubled skin, it’s certainly providing relieve to many. We’ve just fulfilled an order all the way from Singapore!
When we hear the stories of sufferers of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, our first piece of advice is to look into eating habits and diets. Food can be a major trigger for ezcema and other skin conditions like psoriasis for many people. Research into allergens and try to locate types of foods that you should avoid. Whether this is wheat (and other gluten products), dairy etc, it’s absence from diet can drastically improve your condition. For some people drastically reducing sugar consumption (in fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, cereals etc) has had a lasting positive affect for psoriasis and other skin conditions.
Secondly, avoid synthesised chemicals in topical products. We see some very dubious chemicals (often carcinogens) used in commercial products. Try a simple search for ‘chemicals in shampoos’ and you will see what I mean. Whether it’s soap, shampoo, deodorant, face creams or ezcema lotions, it pays to do your research and start avoiding non-natural products (by the way, a product being labelled ‘natural’ doesn’t make it natural – it’s just  a cynical ploy to market new products). Get savvy and start reading the ingredients yourself.
Then, I would suggest that they replace the current treatment for ezcema, psoriasis or other skin conditions, with one that has organic ingredients and no chemical nasties or petroleum waxes and oils. Our Rescue Salve would be a good example. Always read the label and know what goes into your product.
Lastly, become a champion of whole natural (and if possible, organic) foods and cosmetics. As someone once said (I can’t remember who though – sorry!) why not become beautiful from the inside out rather than hiding the result of years of bad eating habits using hazardous creams and lotions (or worst).