Control Me! Facial Oil

Control Me! Facial Oil works best for oily or blemished skin. Containing Pure Organic oils with added Vitamin E.
As with all of our other products, we do not use chemical additives or petroleum products.

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Ingredients: Vitis vinifera* (Grape Seed Oil), Simmondsia Chinensis* (Jojoba Oil), Cannabis Sativa* (Hemp Seed Oil), Rosa Canina* (Rosehip Oil), Tocopherol (Pure Vitamin E Oil), Melaleuca alternifolia* (Tee Tree Oil), Eucalyptus globulus* (Eucalyptus Blue Gum Oil), Anthemis noblis* (Roman Chamomile Oil) * ORGANIC

5 reviews for Control Me! Facial Oil

  1. A, Birmingham

    Control Me facial oil was bought as a gift.

    My sister said, “it showed noticeable results within 4 days It’s the only effective product that I have used that has been a prevention as well as a cure. Smoother skin texture, reduced redness and no breakouts. Would 100% recommend this product!” 💝

  2. Aisha

    I use the Control me facial oil and I love it! Balances my skin out well and I feel like it’s stopped any outbreaks as I used to get them a lot before! My skin feels a whole load softer too. Just used up my bottle and have just ordered another as I can not do without! Definitely recommend it, especially for those with blemishes !

  3. Amelia

    I have been using the Control Me! facial oil for over a year now and I can sincerely say that it is one of the things that has truly saved my skin. Due to my oily type skin, I experience bad breakouts and acne that has always been hard to cure before i started using this product. Not only has this facial oil helped to decrease my acne, it has also kept oil at bay better than any serum or moisturiser I have used. I highly recommend this facial oil for those that have oily skin and are acne prone!

  4. Niveen

    I use the Control Me! Facial Oil and it’s fantastic!!!!!! My acne was hard to deal with, but after using the control me before bed every night, I started breaking out less and now I don’t ever break out!!! The control me is really good at containing acne and getting rid of it. You would think that as a person with acne, how is oil going to help my acne? Won’t it make it worse? WRONG!!! This does the complete opposite I promise!! I even have combination skin (but mostly oily) and it worked fabulously for me. As soon as I run out, I’m going to order more!! Totally worth, especially for its low price!!! I’ve tried all kinds of acne products, a lot of high-end stuff, but this gets the job done better than anything I’ve ever tried!!!

  5. Nadia Z

    So i’ve been using the facial oil (control me) daily now since November. At first it was too early to comment cos I don’t feel much difference. The scent needed some getting used to But now I feel that my skin has improved. I no longer have breakouts. And my face feel moisturized (I can skip my moisturizer on some mornings when I use the facial oil). I sometimes still feel a lil oily on the T-zone but it’s alright.

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