Smooth Butter

One of our original products. A smooth facial butter butter that is suitable for all skin types. Fragranced only with the natural ingredients it contains! Contains Pure Organic oils and butters. As with all of our other products, we do not use chemical additives or petroleum products.

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Ingredients: Shea Butter *, Coconut Oil *, Jojoba Oil *. *ORGANIC

2 reviews for Smooth Butter

  1. UA

    I have used many products during my lifetime thinking that i have bad skin with red patches. I came to the conclusion that I had rosacea skin but then realised that i had sensitive skin. I almost gave up searching for anything until I came across [argan oil], keep in mind i have used argan oil before but none of them reduced the redness… I was given a sample of this cream and i was apprehensive to use at first due to my skin history. Initially I thought i had bad skin day but my bad skin day could be hormonal too so I persevered and now after using the cream… [Smooth] butter with coconut oil, for a month or so, the dryness on my skin has completely gone. I don’t have any redness or breakout unless i have had too much fizzy pop or a bad diet!

    I still use this cream a year on and skin is as soft as ever… UA
    (Smooth Butter, September 2015)

  2. Taya

    Always apprehensive to try new brands. This one was great though. The Smooth Butter conditions and softens the skin beautifully. Not heavy at all. That’s my brand now!

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