Smooth Butter with Chamomile

A soothing smooth Facial Butter with Chamomile oil. Suitable for all skin types. Our organic Chamomile oil is a helps to soothe and calm. Fragranced only with the natural ingredients it contains! Contains Pure Organic oils and butters. As with all of our other products, we do not use chemical additives or petroleum products.

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Ingredients: Shea Butter *, Coconut Oil *, Jojoba Oil *, Chamomile Oil*. *ORGANIC

1 review for Smooth Butter with Chamomile

  1. K D

    I thought now, enough time has passed for a review……
    …..I absolutely adore the creams,(Smooth butter with Chamomile) they are soo refreshing and my skin has already achieved improvements.
    I have eczema on my face and usually when I apply creams such as nivea or e45, I’d need to wait 15mins for itching to go away….but with your creams the itching does not occur and I haven’t had a dry patch.
    The texture is also fabulous as it is soo soft, I love putting it on!!
    I gave a sample to my mother and she now wants to buy some also as she loves the benefits! X

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