Soothe Me! Facial Oil

A wonderfully soothing Facial Oil for sensitive skin. Perfect for Sensitive Skin, to Reduce Redness and Hydrate Skin. Contains Pure Organic oils with added Vitamin E.

As with all of our other products, we do not use chemical additives or petroleum products.

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Ingredients: Prunus Armeniaca* (Apricot Kernel Oil), Cannabis Sativa* (Hemp Seed Oil), Simmondsia Chinensis* (Jojoba Oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rosmarinus officinalis* (Rosemary Oil). *ORGANIC

7 reviews for Soothe Me! Facial Oil

  1. Irdeena Ismar, London

    I use the Soothing Facial Oil and it is just fascinating! It keeps my skin moisturised during the day and night. I have dry and sensitive skin and this works wonders. Would highly recommend it! 😀

  2. Alayna

    Soothe Me Facial Oil, works wonders after I have breakouts which have lessened, recommended for teenagers with acne; your skin will clear remarkably after 3 months of use. Best used before bed as it may need time to absorb. Light moisturisers to be used during the day.

  3. Mishael Vanessa

    I’ve been with Three Organics for over two years now and I have not found anything that truly works ALL THE TIME like Soothe Me. I’ve got sensitive + dry skin and this oil is quick to absorb, soothe and moisturising. It is not at all oily, so don’t be afraid of using it on oily skin (take one that works for you!). In the day I used this as my moisturiser as well, in the night, I top it off with a cream. I’ve also used it on rashes, itchiness and burn wounds. I find it helps my makeup stay throughout the day – without dry patches or cracked lines. Smells amazing, like something from Aesops and a bottle would take you a very long way; I’ve gone for nearly 6 months previously with everyday usage!

  4. Wardi

    I’m using the Soothe Me! Facial oil and I super love it. I had continuous breakouts around my chin area early this year before this I would only have a one or two during that time of the month. So I knew my skin was irritated. I tried several products but nothing helped, until Three Organics Soothe Me! saved the day.

  5. Nadya

    I have sensitive skin on the face. So i normally need to use a product for at least a month to see any result and its effectiveness. Glad that the soothe me facial oil did a good job calming my sensitive skin. No tingling sensation. Definitely a worthy purchase…😊

  6. Whitney

    Hey! I’ve been wearing your products for weeks now and as expected, i love it! I really love the Soothe Me facial oil. My very sensitive skin burns even tho i stand under the sun for just a few minutes. But ever since im wearing yr product, my face never burns anymore. To me, it works as my sunscreen. And it helps me to remove my makeup easily. Thank you! Would definitely repeat my orders!

  7. Aina

    Major love !!! It really helps to reduce my redness and calms my sensitive skin. I also have acne prone skin but this oil does not break me out..their smooth butter with tea tree oil is also good. I used to not like any product with tea tree oil because its too harsh for my sensitive skin but this is not the case with the smooth butter …and not to forget their amazing customer service !!

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